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Reading aloud – enriching your young child’s reading experience

One of the greatest advantages of reading aloud to kids is that it involves both parents and kids. It is an opportunity for them to interact and strengthen the child-parent bond while at the same time learn useful things. Mothers with kids that are more securely attached to them can interact a lot easier. When reading aloud to your children, you should know that you’re not just helping them expand their knowledge. Through reading they will also learn about valuing their self-esteem, know more about peer relationships, and general world knowledge. Reading aloud promotes joint attention, and this has a lot of potential benefits linked to reading, including boosting receptive and expressive language.

Another fundamental prerequisite when reading aloud to children is phonological awareness. For a child to be able to read words, he has to learn the rules for print translation and be able to put them into meaningful sounds. A lot of parents promote sound pattern awareness by emphasizing words that rhyme. When kids do well at manipulating and detecting rhymes, phonemes and syllables, they have a tendency to learn a lot faster to read.

Children have a specific sensitivity to sounds in a very particular order, even though the stages may overlap. They learn about sound or phonemes informally by learning name letters. Many of today’s alphabet books feature letter names and pictures with objects whose name starts with the critical sound. When reading aloud to their children parents should focus on those critical sounds in the words. There are kids that may develop reading difficulties, which can only be prevented by exposing the child to lots of literacy materials. This way they become more aware of the connection between sounds and letters.

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