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The 'Trump Effect' on Canada's Classrooms

“There's a joke around here that when the United States gets a cold, Canada gets pneumonia.”

But those perspectives aren’t particularly visible. If the volatile political climate in the U.S. is indeed contributing to an increase in incivility and even outright harassment, those developments, in turn, appear to be fueling another kind of “Trump Effect”—a diminished view of how America is perceived by other countries, including longtime allies. And there’s evidence that the fallout has breached what’s widely been considered the U.S.’s most consistently friendly border. In a recent survey by the Environics Institute for Survey Research, just 44 percent of Canadians held a favorable view of the U.S.—a 35-year low. “I see [the ‘Trump Effect’], absolutely, every single day. Not equally among every population, but in any group, even young groups, there's always some people who are quite actively impacted,” said Kathy Bickmore, an education professor at the University of Toronto. “Either they're afraid, or they're more angry and worried.”

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